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Whether it's a Birthday, Anniversary, Stag/Hen, Christmas party,  or just a good ol' knees up, Adam has a wealth of magic to perform to you and your guests, catering from all groups sizes they will love what they see.


As a multi award winning magician, Adam's sleight of hand magic will baffle and mesmerize his audience, keeping them engaged and hooked from the start.

Adam photo by Christopher Mariani
80th - 14th Aug 2020 - 4.jpg

Although Adam specializes in Sleight of Hand with cards, he will also baffle you with other items ranging from cups and balls, Rubic cubes, and even your own mobile phone!

Adam’s amazing skill and good use of humour will make any event a fun and entertaining time for all.


Adam will entertain and amaze everyone, even bringing the most avid cynic to a point of ‘How did he do that’

There are a few options that you can choose from:

Mix and Mingle – Performing magic as a walk around, mixing with all your guests


Table Magic -  Performing magic to your guests between courses at their table.


Cabaret – A mini stage show, perhaps after your meal during the coffees to allow your meal to go down before you get up on the dance floor and boogie the night away.


Full show – Have a full magic show that includes everyone, and is fun, magical and will leave you wondering how it is all done.


Please note all these options are interchangeable to suit your event so please ask me what you require and we can make your party even more magical.

Please note that a small travel fee will be discussed if the venue is not local to Adam.

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