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Recommended Rings - Burrells Jewellers

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We have an amazing working relationship with Burrells over the years and this company by far is the best and most supportive when purchasing any product. They have a wealth of knowledge and the staff are amazing.

  • Tell us about your company/brand?


Burrells started out in 1974 when Bill Ferris opened his first jewellery shop in Kingston. It was called SWAG and quickly moved from selling teddy bears and beads to fine jewellery and diamonds.

More of the family joined the company and soon the business expanded to six shops around suburban London and became the leading independent jeweller for the area.


Bill’s son Ed Ferris now runs the company, which began transforming from SWAG into Burrells in 2014 when the family acquired the Tunbridge Wells store.

Our Winchester store opened in 2016 to join them along with our Kingston (where it all started) and Staines stores.

Still a family-run store nearly 50 years later, the company has grown from strength to strength. Offering everything from bespoke jewellery to designer brands, exquisite jewellery and watches, Burrells really has it all.

As part of our ever-developing collections, we’re working with large brands such as Pandora, Hala Crystals, Breitling and so much more to make sure we are providing you with the latest jewellery trends and styles.

  • How will I decide on what style suits my engagement ring?

The best thing to do is to come into the store and try a selection of wedding rings on with

your engagement ring.

Your may prefer a diamond set ring, in a full or half eternity style, or the traditional plain and elegant wedding band.

You can choose to have a millegrain effect, or a diamond cut design, or even a combination of precious metals.

If your engagement ring has diamond shoulders, you may wish to find a wedding ring that works in harmony with this, with the same style of setting.

Your engagement ring may be set with sapphires or rubies, in which case you can choose to have these stones in your wedding ring too.

Choosing you wedding ring is such an important decision, and we are here to advise you on

all the options, and the advantages and benefits of your choice.

  • Does my wedding ring have to be the same metal as my engagement ring?

The recommendation would be to have the same precious metals, partly so that one ring

doesn’t wear quicker than the other (Platinum for example is a much harder metal that 18ct

white gold), but also because of the colour variation.

Nine carat yellow gold is a different colour to 18 carat yellow gold, Platinum is a different shade of colour than 18 carat white gold.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

We offer a finance option with Hitachi Capital, with 0% interest and an interest free payment

plan to suit you, from 6 months to 5 years.

Please bring your diving license and bank details with you for the quick and easy online application which will only take around 10 mins to complete.

Alternatively, once you have selected your perfect ring, we would ask for a 30% deposit to

place the order for you.

Please allow up to 6 weeks for your ring to arrive, the ring will be made for you in your size by a master craftsman and will be covered by our Burrells warrantee.

Once the ring arrives in store, and you are happy with the fit, we will ask you to pay the remaining balance.

  • What are the 4 C’s?

Colour – This refers to the whiteness of the colour of the diamond.

The grading begins at D for the very best white diamond.

Cut – A diamond can be cut in a variety of ways to best show the sparkle and brilliance of

the stone.

By far the most popular cut is a round brilliant with its 58 facets, this shows the diamond to its best advantage.

However you may prefer the more contemporary princess cut, or other fancy cuts, including: Marquise, Pear, Heart, Cushion, Asher or Emerald.

Clarity – A diamond is formed over billions of years, emerging through the Earth’s crust as a rough diamond, which requires the skills of a master cutter and polisher to turn it into the fabulous glittering gemstone that we know and love.

During the natural process of creation, a diamond will have natural inclusions, such as pieces of carbon, which are often seen a small black dots inside the stone.

The clearer the diamond, the higher grade it will be given, and consequently the stone will be more prized and valuable.

The range is from Internally Flawless I.F through to Very Very slight Inclusions (VVS1 VVS2) to Very slight inclusions VS1 VS2 to S1 and S2 where the inclusions would start to be visible to the naked eye.

Carat – This measures the weight of the diamond, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams, however as we have learnt already, larger is not always better, as the quality of the stone plays a huge factor in the value of the diamond.

The term Carat comes from the carob seed which was the original measure of weight for jewellers.

A larger diamond should come with an independent certification from one of the respected laboratories such as the G.I.A or I.G.A, this will have the grading of the diamond explained and any inclusions plotted on a pictogram.

  • We don’t know much about rings, will there be someone to go through the choosing process with us?

All of our team are fully trained to the highest standards, and many are experts with over 10

years experience in helping customers find the perfect pieces.

We always listen to your ideas, and then offer advice according to your unique requirements, guiding you through the many options.

  • Is engraving an option?

Yes, we offer a complimentary engraving service on all of these rings ordered through us and also a lifetime guarantee.

Engraving can be in the form of a date and initials, or you can choose something more personal to you as a couple.

One of our partners is a fantastic British brand Brown and Newirth who produce wedding bands of the highest quality by highly trained master craftsmen.

  • Can you make custom designs?

Yes, we offer a truly bespoke service from Saewl Du Plessis, DGA.

Sarel is our head goldsmith and has been with us since 2001.

He’s from South Africa, but luckily for us, he met and married his wife in 2012 when she came to work in our Kingston store where his workshop is based, so he’s here for good.

Softly spoken but fiercely passionate about his craft, Sarel is a true artist.

As well as providing a bespoke service for our customers, he produces original designs

which we offer as part of our exclusive Burrells jewellery range.

The most unusual item he’s ever been asked to design was a replica of Arwen’s Evenstar pendant from Lord of the Rings made from 18 carat white gold and diamonds!

He loves unusual requests and feels privileged to be part of something so emotive and can carry so much meaning to the individual.

Sarel also has a great love for designing engagement rings, which you can see a glimpse of as a part of our Winchester Collection.

Come and see him if you want something entirely unique.

  • Top tips for weddings?

Your wedding ring is the one memory from your wedding day that you will keep for life, this beautiful ring will be worn everyday, so it's worth taking the time to make sure you get it 100% right!

  • How can we get in contact with you?

Website: www.burrells.co.uk

Email: info@burrells.co.uk

Call: 0800 028 4381 (Mon - Fri) or call stores direct (Mon - Sun)

Pop into a store:

- Tunbridge Wells - www.burrells.co.uk (Link to the Tunbridge Wells store)

- Staines-Upon-Thames - www.burrells.co.uk (Link to the Staines store)

- Winchester - www.burrells.co.uk (Link to the Winchester store)

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