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Recommended Caricaturist - Richard Nairn

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Richard is a great friend of mine and WOW is all I can say about Rich's caricatures.

Rich has been doing this for many years and I can honestly say that he is by far the best in the business. He also has a heart of gold and all my charity events that I have hosted, Rich is always on hand to donate his time to help out.

We highly recommend Rich for all types of events, so much so, we have booked him for our wedding.

  • Tell us about yourself

Hi, I’m Rich. I’m a cartoonist/caricaturist who is probably better known by my business name of The Artful Doodler.

  • How long have you been a caricaturist?

I first started drawing caricatures at events 23 years ago.

Although I say that I occasionally come across those early drawings and am horrified by what I see.

I like to think I’ve developed somewhat since those early days!

  • What got you into drawing caricatures?

Like many other caricaturists before me, I was obsessed with cartoons as a child and the first experiments I had were drawing (really very offensive) caricatures of my teachers at school. Little did I know then that those evenings spent in detention would result in a career that would consume my life!

  • How far will you travel?

I travel all over the country.

The price alters depending on distance but I really would travel anywhere.

Saying that, maybe not Mars.

  • What packages do you have to offer?

My prices generally start at around £300 for a 2 hour booking and most prices are listed on the Bookings/Caricature page of my site.

I do also now cater for last minute events of up to ten people in Kent so if anyone is having a little family get together they can email for a quote.

  • Have you drawn anyone famous?

Quite a few celebs have been drawn by me now.

I’m becoming something of a celeb stalker.

I’m probably most known for drawing caricatures of Ricky Gervais and I’ve now become the official cartoonist of his cat, Ollie Fallon Gervais.

  • Top tips for weddings

Enjoy yourself.

Listen to the advice of those you book and let them do the worrying on the day.

It’s why we do this job.

  • How can we get in contact with you?

You can visit my website at www.theartfuldoodler.co.uk

Email me at richnairn@hotmail.com

or call me on 07958 039170.

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