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Recommended Cakes - Hollies Little Cakery

We have known Hollie for a few years now. She is crazy, lovable and so damn good at making cakes. Hollie has always made our cakes for all our occasions and with every cake she makes, there is so much love and dedication in every slice - she is a perfectionist which you can tell by the amazing cakes she bakes. Hollie has always donated cakes or cookies when we have our charity events, we cannot thank her enough.

We love everything about Hollie, she is Jax's bridesmaid when we get married and of course wouldn't have anyone else making our wedding cake.

  • Tell us about yourself

Crazy cake lady who loves sushi, wine and animals (especially Mr Murphy, my cat)

  • How long have you been making wedding cakes?

We have been focusing on the wedding industry for the past 3 years, but been in business for nearly 8 years now!

  • What got you into baking?

I have always loved to bake and make a mess since I was little.

One of my favourite memories is baking jam tarts with my Nanny.

  • What flavours do you recommend and are there only certain flavours available for wedding cakes?

All of them Drrr! We have an extensive list of flavours available for our wedding clients.

My favourites include Rhubarb & Rose, Raspberry & Prosecco and Salted Caramel Peanut Butter!

  • What’s your favourite style of cake to make? And what do you recommend?

The style we love to create and are known for, combines traditional styling in a contemporary fashion.

Meaning sharp edges, clean lines and sugar blooms.

  • Can we book for a cake tasting session and can we bring our parents with us?

We have a cake tasting consultation for a fee of £30.00.

We only book in for 2 people, we recommend no more as this can cause conflicting views and take the attention away from the wedding couple and their ideas.

Sorry folks haha.

  • Top tips for weddings

Try and enjoy every moment in the build up, because on the day it all goes so quick!

And of course stuff your face with cake! Delish

  • How can we get in contact with you?

Through our website www.hollieslittlecakery.co.uk we have a contact form you can fill out and send straight over to us. We have our landline for the studio, which is 01892 518 674 or directly via email at hello@hollieslittlecakery.co.uk

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