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Lockdown Blog: First 2 weeks

So, on the 15th March 2020 I was at a wedding fair and we were all talking about a thing called COVID-19.

I left the wedding fair and went to perform at a wedding anniversary celebration in Tunbridge Wells, everyone was having fun and enjoying the event.

Later that day I went to a joint birthday party in someone’s house and all sat round together performing close up magic … Life seemed normal.

12 hours later I woke up to a whole new world!!

People being told to keep 2m apart, people with symptoms self-isolating and shop shelves being emptied by people panic buying, it was as if I was in a nightmare and hadn’t woken up.

Since then for me like everyone life has changed so much.

For me within a week all my gigs up to August had been postponed till next year.

This itself has put a huge burden on me, as for me like many other magicians, this is my full-time job and our only source of income, so my anxiety levels for being able to pay the bills and support my family were at an all-time high.

My other fear for me as a magician, is my life for the past 17 years is about interaction and performing close up magic for people, making them smile, laugh, have fun and enjoy the way I react to them.

This has now gone overnight and could be like this for a year.

Also, for people who know me well or have been to my lecture they will know that I have mental health issues that affect me every day of my life...

This whole situation has sent my mental health through the roof as one of my problems is, I am a germaphobe and worry continuously around health.

I am trying to be as mentally strong as possible and being around my children and Jax has helped me and them tremendously at this time.

I honestly think that when this terrible time is over, all of us will come out the other side better people.

Knowing now what we actually take for granted in life, we will respect what people do for us and how those petty arguments between people, families and those disrespectful comments towards other competitors in your field of work may now not even be there and we can all learn to work and live together in happier times.

You never know what you got till it’s gone has never been so poignant right now.

So, everyone be safe, stay at home and look after yourselves.

Be respectful to others and remember we will get through this.

Big virtual hugs to you all and a huge thanks to all the people working in shops and all the other services that are keeping us all going and to the truly magical NHS.

Adam Smith


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